On My Birthday…

Today is my birthday. I’ve been dreading this one, but no more than the last one. I am closer now to 60 than ever before. I sometimes worry that I’m running out of time. Is that something other people worry about? The picture here is me at 2 months old (according to my mother’s lovely script on the back). This[…]

On Birth…

Behold the first moments of the life of my grandson, Jameson Walker. April 10, 2015. I was there. I took this picture. It remains one of the most prominent and precious moments of my life and, arguably, his. My own children were born via C-Section, but had they been born naturally without intervention by the medical team, I would not[…]

Stuck in the Middle

I am a recovering middle child. I have the double whammy of birth orders. I was born the middle child of a brood of five, but also the middle girl. I spent a great deal of my time trying to be noticed or being so very good that I would be, if not noticed, at least appreciated. Born and raised[…]

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