On My Heart (A Series) … Steppin’ Out With My Baby…


Melanie Moore as Scout and Richard Thomas as Atticus photo by Julieta Cervantes

As I have started to feel better and, subsequently get bored, I have been accompanying Charles to his daily (often twice or thrice daily) trips to the large orange and blue home improvement stores. He gets me a cart and plants me in the garden department while he goes to look for a new set of needle nose pliers or a thing to attach that thing to the thing.

I push the cart slowly around, checking out the ever declining fall selections, sometimes finding a 50% off clearance aisle plant that needs my attention. Usually, some like minded person strikes up a conversation with me and time passes quickly until Charles comes to retrieve me. In my mind I’ve come to think of these outings as my “daily airings.” The change of scenery does me some good.

I had wanted to see the production of To Kill A Mockingbird which was being performed at our local playhouse, The Civic Center. After a couple of trips around the knockout roses with the shopping cart, I felt I was strong enough to go. I mean, seriously, it was a bit over two hours sitting in a chair watching a play. How much energy would that take. Charles and my friend KJ agreed to take me. Charles dropped us girls off at the front and went to find a parking spot. The users insisted that we go ahead to our seats and Charles would find us. I got flagged going through the door at security, I’m not sure why. A senior lady greeted me with some kind of scanning wand and I told her I didn’t want to be scanned. She said “I wonder why you were even flagged. Go ahead, dear.” Security at its finest.

We were instructed to take the elevator to the 4th floor, which we did. Our seats were actually on the 5th floor, and I had to climb a flight of stairs I did not expect to climb. The house lights were down as we found our chairs. I was already winded. Charles found us soon after that and we settled in for the first part of the show.

At intermission, we all had to use the restroom so I followed KJ down the 5th floor stairs to the 4th floor where the bathrooms were. I ran into a sweet lady I knew at my former job and the CIO at my current job. Standing in line for the bathroom, then quickly heading back upstairs for our seats as the show started again, took some effort. What had I been thinking, anyway.

The show was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it. But as the curtain fell, about 4,000 people headed for the inadequate number of elevators to the ground floor. By the time we made it to the car, I was exhausted. Steppin’ out wasn’t such a great idea.

Today, I am exhausted. I did too much yesterday. I haven’t done much more than fix lunch and write this blog today.

I need to find a balance.

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  • Cheryl , Direct link to comment

    We never know what we’re capable of if we don’t try! Kudos to you! I’m so glad you have Charles, always by your side, to lean on! You’re making great progress! ❤️

  • Kathy A Towry , Direct link to comment

    Yes my dear, I feel like that little adventure was to much and I’m sure you’re paying the price with you being so exhausted. Had you asked, which you didn’t I would have told you it was probably not a good idea. But, you probably wouldn’t have listened, huh! However, you did survive and will take a few days to recover but I am glad that you enjoyed the play which was so professionally done, absolutely one of my favorites. I’m going to say a special prayer for you, for I know you still need them. Rest is most definitely needed for a few days, please don’t push yourself to hard. You are stronger than you imagined but don’t want to sit yourself back proving to yourself you can do things. Sending caring and healing prayers your way.

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