On My Heart (A Series) … Carpe Diem


I seized the day.

I had a good night sleep and woke up feeling rested.

The weather was nice. A little breezy but the temperature got near 70 degrees. The hard freeze last week has killed off most of the flowers. There are a few Indian blankets still hanging on, as well as some goldenrod and some asters, but most everything else has gone brown. I did notice some little bluestem up near the fence. It’s showy white heads were dancing in the wind.

Charles took the day off because he was having gutters installed on his workshop. I stayed outside most of the day watching Charles play on the tractor he rented to move dirt after the gutter installers left. I tagged some sapling trees for a fellow tree fanatic who wants to transplant them to her home this weekend. I took lots of breaks and relied on my cane. Charles scolded me for going further than I should without telling him, but I think he was glad I was able to go that far.

It was a good day. There was warm sunshine and while I did need to study for my American Government Unit Exam coming up Sunday, I just could not see myself staying inside. I’ll study tomorrow.

While resting on the porch, I realized that my breathing is better. I can take much deeper breaths almost down to the bottom of my lungs. The fluid is leveling off. It feels amazing.

I’m exhausted. I’m a little sore. I may regret it in the morning. But, now, I’m happy and relieved.

Today was a good day, and I seized it.

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  • April , Direct link to comment

    I’m glad you are doing better Prayers that you get stronger everyday ❤️

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