On What’s In a Name?

I changed my name. Why? The first assumption made by casual acquaintances and people who didn’t know me before 1984 was that I had gotten married. “I just noticed your new email signature. I guess congratulations are in order!” But, of course that’s not what happened. I guess it would be more correct to say I changed my name back[…]

NOW, Voyager

This poem is a favorite of mine. I was first introduced to it as a preteen, when I discovered old movies with the help of my mother. I loved everything old Hollywood, the black and whites of the early years of cinema. Those old films transported me to exotic places I could never have imagined and introduced me to glamorous[…]

134.0 Pounds

This is the weight I was this morning. Last Wednesday I was 129.3. The week before that it was 133.2. For the last 5 years I have gone up and down between 128 and 135, struggling for that illusive 125 pound mark I had randomly decided was my goal. Ten years ago, I weighed 150 pounds. 150 pounds is at[…]

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